The Aspar Team achieves its 400th podium in the World Championship

Forty years after Jorge Martínez "Aspar" climbed to the Jarama podium in the 1983 Spanish GP 50cc race, he and his team, led by Jordi Torres, complete four hundred podium finishes in the German Grand Prix


Jorge Martínez “Aspar” and the Aspar Team have achieved their 400th podium in the World Championship today in Sachsenring. Forty years have passed since that morning in May 1983, when Jorge Martínez "Aspar", who was still starting his career in the World Championship, climbed to the 50cc podium in the Spanish Grand Prix, for him and his team to already accumulate four hundred World Championship trophies thanks to Jordi Torres, who finished first in the German MotoE Grand Prix.

It's 146 victories, 130 second and 124 third places spread over four decades, seven different categories and about thirty riders, among which Jorge Martínez "Aspar" himself, with 61, and world champions Álvaro Bautista and Nico Terol, with 42 and 30, respectively, stand out.

The podium that started the count in 1983 at Jarama was the only one in the 50cc category. Jorge Martínez “Aspar” would be able to add immediately 34 more in the extinct 80cc category and 26 in the 125cc category. One of them would be the last one that the captain of the Aspar Team would achieve, in Indonesia in 1997. That was the season in which he hung up his boots and dedicated himself body and soul to lead a project, the Aspar Team, which would soon continue to bear fruit.

Podium number 62, the first one that did not have the “Aspar” signature, was achieved by Frenchman Arnaud Vincent, in his home grand prix and again in the small category, a category that has brought so much joy to the Valencian team throughout these seasons. Not surprisingly, there have been 234 podiums between 125cc and Moto3, 68 of which were by riders who would finish their respective seasons as world champions.

For podium number 100 the team had to wait until 2003. Toni Elías finished third in the Portuguese 250cc Grand Prix in Estoril, thus completing the first hundred trophies for Aspar. Less than four years later came the 200, led by Alex de Angelis in Germany, again with a third position in the 250cc. It didn’t take long until the following milestone, with Bradley Smith winning the 2010 Valencia GP to reach 300 podiums. Now, after a 12+1-year wait, the team reaches its 400th podium finish.


The timeline:

- Podium 1: Jorge Martínez “Aspar”, 3rd in Spain 1983 (50cc)

- Podium 50: Jorge Martínez “Aspar”, 1st in Austria 1990 (125cc)

- Podium 61: last podium for Jorge Martínez “Aspar”, 3rd in Indonesia 1997 (125cc)

- Podium 62: first podium for another rider, Arnaud Vincent, 2nd in France 1999 (125cc)

- Podium 68: first podium in the intermediate category, Fonsi Nieto, 3rd in Valencia 2001 (250cc)

- Podium 100: Toni Elías, 3rd in Portugal 2003 (250cc)

- Podium 165: first world title, with Álvaro Bautista, 1st in Australia 2006 (125cc)

- Podium 200: Alex de Angelis, 3rd in Germany 2007 (250cc)

- Podium 213: second world title, with Gábor Talmácsi, 2nd in Valencia 2007 (125cc)

- Podium 268: third world title, with Julito Simón, 1st in Australia 2009 (125cc)

- Podium 300: Bradley Smith, 1st in Valencia 2010 (125cc)

- Podium 317: fourth world title, with Nico Terol, 2nd in Valencia 2011 (125cc)

- Podium 388: sixth world title, with Izan Guevara, 1st in Australia 2022 (Moto3)

- Podium 397: first podium in MotoE, Jordi Torres, 1st in France 2023

- Podium 400: Jordi Torres, 1st in Germany 2023 (MotoE)


The numbers:

- 1983: year of Jorge Martínez "Aspar"'s first World Cup podium

- 146: wins

- 41: maximum number of podiums per season (2006 and 2007)

- 15: Most wins per season (1988)

- 9: world titles that have been achieved with a podium finish [Jorge Martínez “Aspar” (4); Álvaro Bautista, Gábor Talmácsi, Julián Simón, Nico Terol, Izan Guevara (1)]

-7: different categories in which "Aspar" and his team have achieved podiums (50cc, 80cc, 125cc, 250cc, Moto3, Moto2, MotoE)