Moment of truth begins for Openbank Aspar Team and Jordi Torres

The second half of the MotoE season kicks off this weekend at Silverstone, where Jordi Torres arrives with an eight-points lead


The MotoE category begins its final pase of the season at the British Grand Prix, an unknown scenery for the electric category in which the riders will begin to mark positions for the last races of the year. After an intense triple-header between Italy, Germany and the Netherlands, Openbank Aspar Team rider Jordi Torres and Italian Matteo Ferrari are beginning to stand out from the rest. Theirs are five of the eight victories, but also 12 of the 16 podiums that could have been achieved between them to date. This overwhelming dominance of the Spanish and the Italian translates into an advantage over the third placed riders of more than 40 points, when there are only 200 left at stake. The Silverstone circuit will be the first stop in a less intense second phase of the season than the first, with breaks before reaching Austria and, later, Barcelona. Between the Catalan track and that of San Marino, seven days later, the name of the first MotoE world champion will be decided.

The Openbank Aspar Team begins this weekend the final stretch of the MotoE World Championship, a season in which it is being one of the main protagonists thanks to Jordi Torres. From August 5 to September 9 there will be four race days, with two races each, to win a title for which Jordi Torres will fight until the end. The Openbank Aspar Team rider arrives, once again, at a track in which he has not competed since 2014, when he finished eleventh in his last year in Moto2 with the team. This is an important circuit in the relationship between Torres and the Aspar Team, since it was there, in 2011, when he debuted as an official World Championship rider. This weekend he will compete there again with the aim of maintaining the positive line of the last two races, in which he has not come off the podium, to continue adding points and arrive prepared for the final part of the year. Teammate María Herrera has also not ridden at Silverstone for several years, although in her case it has been since 2017, when she was still competing in Moto3. Herrera has 9 points after the first races of the year and has four more weekends ahead of her to complete her adaptation to the new Ducati and to be able to fight with the group.


Jordi Torres: “We really want to resume this second part of the championship. I have not raced at Silverstone since 2014 but I have been practicing with simulators and video games to refresh my memories. Beforehand, it doesn't seem like one of the best tracks for my riding style as it's so long, with a lot of straights and accelerations from low speed, but I feel prepared. I want to get back into action, to resume activity, because I feel more and more adapted to the new format.”

María Herrera: “I am motivated for this second half of the year. I have been training a lot, especially the mental part, because the physical part is always strong. I hope I can take a big step in this second half. In previous years I have been good at Silverstone and I hope it can be the same this year. We will have to work from the beginning of the weekend to get ready for the races.”