We are manufacturers of motorcycle accessories in Spain. We manufacture spare parts for racing motorcycles with high quality standards developed for use in the main national speed championships where they undergo exhaustive quality tests by the most important national and international teams. The result is accessories for motorcycle racing designed for the most demanding riders, who look for spare parts for motorcycles specially designed for use in competition bikes.


Our project starts in 2013, with just one idea, to offer affordable quality motorcycle accessories for everyone, aimed primarily at motorcycle enthusiasts. This is how ITR components was born, two friends in love with the world of motorcycles with experience in circuits, who decided to start this new adventure.


Jose David and Nico create the ITR brand, designed for the general public, but based on the world of high competition. Our brand does not distinguish between motorcycles for circuits and road bikes: the parts are the same, our customers will be able to enjoy motorcycle accessories that are used by great riders from all over the world.


The main objective of ITR is to continue growing with its people, expand our family and consolidate as a benchmark in the world of motorsports.