Two more victories for Aspar Team Junior rider Dani Holgado in Valencia

Holgado won in Estoril in the season premiere and in Valencia he has added two more wins that allow him to lead the category with a 38 points-lead


Aspar Team Junior closes the second round of the FIM CEV season with a double win by Dani Holgado that allows the young Spanish rider to stand out even more in the standings. Dani Holgado arrived in Valencia as the leader, with a five-point advantage over the second, and after the two victories at the Ricardo Tormo Circuit, his advantage rises to 38 points. In Valencia, his teammate Scott Ogden finished tenth in his best race, while David Alonso was unable to finish the two rounds due to crashes at the Nico Terol corner.


Holgado has given the first race excitement with a great save, with four laps remaining and after having led all the laps of the race so far. The GASGAS Aspar Team Junior rider has remained calm and has been able to wait for his moment to recover the lost distance and, at the last corner, complete his job with a last overtaking that has given him the second win of the year. The third came a few hours later, in a tough race in which he has fought against riders such as José Julián García, Iván Ortolá or Diogo Moreira.

A touch on the first lap of the first race prevented British Scott Ogden from fighting for more than fifteenth position. Ogden has not given up despite being in the last positions and has managed to add a point in the first race and later, in the second, he has continued improving until the tenth place. His teammate David Alonso was unable to finish the first race due to a crash at the Nico Terol corner when he was fourth and dangerously close to the three leading riders. The young GASGAS Aspar Team Junior rider repeated the script in the second race and, when he was riding among the best, he crashed on the same curve, ending the weekend with no points.

The Aspar Team Junior riders in the European Talent Cup, Pol Solá and Edoardo Boggio, continue their adaptation to the category and in Valencia they competed with the intermediate group to finish seventeenth and twentieth, as the best result. The next race for the Aspar Team Junior riders will be the weekend of June, 13 in Barcelona.


Moto3 Junior World Championship:

Daniel Holgado (win / win): “It's one of the best weekends of my life. I am very happy with these two victories; I had a good pace and I have proven to be one of the strongest riders throughout the weekend. In the first race I tried to break the group, but I couldn't. I tried it again towards the end and almost fell, but I came back again, I caught the riders in front and I won the race. In the second, the track was more complicated, but I am happy with the sensations. I want to thank my team for their work.”

Scott Ogden (15th / 10th): “This is not where we want to be, but little by little we are taking steps towards our goal. In the first race, a touch from another rider in the second corner made me lose a lot of positions. The positive thing is that I had a good feeling and, without giving up, I managed to score a point. In the second, after the red flag, I did better. I calmed down, I was a little more aggressive than in the first race, I passed eight or ten riders and I was able to finish tenth. In Barcelona we will continue working to be on the front group.”

David Alonso (crash / crash): “I'm happy with the first race, because, although I was a bit behind, I had no problem because I knew I could catch those in front. The first ones were already gone, but little by little I have been cutting the gap. The problem came when I had them close, that I made a mistake and I fell. I was feeling good, I was riding better and I was learning, but we leave Cheste without points due to another mistake in the second race: I was in front, and on the second lap I tried to overtake a rider, he closed and I crashed. It was not our weekend, we did a good job, but I made two mistakes that left us without points today.”


European Talent Cup:

Pol Solá (19th / 17th): “It has been a positive weekend, because we had doubts, but I have been able to improve. I have not been able to compete with the front group, but with the second group, and little by little we are improving. In Barcelona we will continue like this, without stopping.”

Edoardo Boggio (33rd / 20th): “We started well, but in the second lap I had a technical problem and I started to lose positions. I finished the race to continue learning and to have more information in the second, which has gone somewhat better. The start was not very good, but I quickly recovered positions. We have not been able to fight with the front group, but we have continued working without giving up. Next time, more.”